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Medical Tourism: The “Fly-In Patient” Protocol

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
Plastic Surgery Insider

International medical tourism has been gaining in popularity in recent years, but why not try domestic medical tourism? We’re located just minutes from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), and our team will work with you to give you a pleasant experience, letting you fly home beautiful!

Step 1: The Consultation

If you’re not planning on making multiple trips to L.A., start with a virtual consultation. From learning about non-surgical treatments to choosing your breast implants, our Los Angeles practice is here to guide you through each step of the treatment process. With a virtual consultation, you can enjoy the benefits of speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon from the comfort of your home.

Step 2: Scheduling

Once a treatment plan is in place, you will visit our practice the day before surgery. This appointment will take about 2 hours and will include a physical examination. Surgery is typically performed at the Marina Outpatient Surgery Center, and you may spend that evening in a postoperative care facility.

Step 3: Recovery

We usually recommend spending 7 to 10 days recovering in one of the many luxurious hotels in L.A. Our team is available to assist in the recovery process, and we can refer you to a local physician in your area for checkups.

No More Soaked Shirts With miraDry®

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013
miraDRY beverly hills

It’s normal to sweat when you’re exercising, nervous, or just plain hot. But some people sweat even when they’re calm and cool. This type of excessive sweating isn’t just an annoyance, it’s a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. And if you’ve got it, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer from this uncomfortable and embarrassing condition.

Antiperspirants and other clinical treatments for hyperhidrosis require ongoing use or continual treatments, and offer only temporary relief, usually with a steep price tag. Now there’s a sure way to significantly and permanently reduce underarm sweating and odor. It’s called miraDry. We offer miraDry for hyperhidrosis in Los Angeles at Marina Plastic Surgery, and we have seen remarkable results.

It’s non-surgical, non-invasive, and stops sweating for good. Using microwave-based technology and precisely targeted energy, the device actually disables sweat glands under the arm. A full treatment requires about 2 to 3 sessions at 3-month intervals.

I share more of my thoughts on miraDry, in this article published on

Recognition for Commitment to Patient Education

Thursday, May 16th, 2013
Plastuc Sugery insider

Many of you may know about RealSelf, the groundbreaking website that allows patients and physicians to engage thoughtfully on the social Web without creating patient-doctor relationships. It’s a vital education resource used by many of my Los Angeles and Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients. That’s why I’m delighted to receive a RealSelf 100 Award, recognizing my commitment to patient education through social media.

I’ve been an advocate of Web-based educational outreach since first launching my Marina Plastic Surgery website. I’ve continued those efforts through social media, including this blog. On RealSelf, millions of consumers get access to expert information about cosmetic procedures and treatments. I’m proud that out of 5,000 board-certified specialists, I’m among 100 honored as top social media influencers. I respond to many of the thousands of questions asked each month by RealSelf visitors, who can then make confident decisions about cosmetic surgery and medicine.

Why Women Love the Laser Bra

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
laser bra beverly hills

As a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey, I have consulted with many women who were bothered by large, sagging breasts. Fortunately, these women have benefited from my innovative approach to breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles. It’s called the Stevens Laser Bra.

I had seen the tightening and firming benefits that lasers can achieve during facelift surgery. So, I applied those principles to breast enhancement and have been performing laser-assisted breast enhancements since 1996. The results have been remarkable.

A Better Breast Enhancement

The Laser Bra technique is performed in conjunction with traditional breast enhancement procedures. Using laser technology to prepare breast tissue that might normally be removed during traditional breast reduction or breast lift surgery, I create an internal brassiere that shapes and supports the breast but can’t be seen or felt after healing. The results are long-lasting and appear youthful and natural.

The Stevens Laser Bra offers the following advantages:

  • Improved internal support
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Minimal swelling
  • Faster recovery for some women
  • Better shape retention for long-lasting results
  • No risk of rejection by the body

For more about the Stevens Laser Bra procedure and how you can achieve the confidence that comes with enhanced breast shape, visit

Plastic Surgery for Your Ears?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
ear surgery beverly hills

Most people realize that it’s not uncommon for people in Los Angeles to have plastic surgery. However, what many don’t know is that ear surgery (otoplasty) is one the most commonly performed procedures. Ear surgery can create a more pleasing appearance as well as correct a number of aesthetic issues and abnormalities, including:

  • Misshapen or protruding ears. Ear surgery is very popular among men and women who feel that their ears stick out too far. This technique can be performed on children as well as adults, and it helps create facial balance by positioning the ears closer to the head.
  • Torn or injured earlobes. When a person’s ears are affected by trauma or injury, earlobe surgery can repair the damage. For example, individuals who have had heavy earrings or “plug” piercings may choose ear surgery to restore a more natural earlobe shape.
  • Keloids. Earlobe keloids are large scars which grow beyond an original wound and protrude from the ear. They are usually red or brownish in color and can sometimes cause itching, tenderness or pain. There are many treatments available for keloid removal, so you surgeon will have to determine whether otoplasty is the best course of action for your individual situation. In some cases, earlobe surgery is combined with non-surgical techniques, such as injectables or topical medications, to achieve the best results.

Nagged by Neck Fat? Discover a Surprising Solution

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012
facial contouring beverly hills

At my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice, men and women concerned with fat around the neck, cheeks and chin often ask for my advice about how to contour those areas. They’ve usually tried dieting to no avail, and some worry that it will take a full facelift and neck lift to achieve their goals. What they’re delighted to discover is that, in many cases, I can use facial liposuction to gently remove fat deposits. The result is a beautifully sculpted face and neck.

Using liposuction for facial contouring rather than body contouring requires special skills. I make an extremely tiny incision in an inconspicuous area on the face or neck. Through the incision, I insert a slim tube called a cannula. Then, I extract fat cells from the targeted areas by using a suction pump or syringe.

Because it permanently removes fat cells, the benefits of facial liposuction are long-lasting. Your face and neck will look youthfully firm, and those unattractive bulges and sags from excess fat will be gone. Particularly if your skin has good elasticity, this procedure alone may succeed in meeting your cosmetic goals.

The Skinny on Cellulite Reduction

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
cellulite reduction beverly hills

As a Los Angeles plastic surgeon, I frequently talk with women who are frustrated by the appearance of cellulite on their bodies. A significant number of them spend money on drugstore remedies, which can’t produce the desired results.

Advances in cosmetic surgery have paved the way for new treatments that effectively reduce dimpled skin and uneven contours. Here are two popular cellulite treatments:

  • SmoothShapes®: After 7 years of extensive testing, the perfect combination of laser and light technology was created to smooth away cellulite. Combined with a massage and vacuum pressure system, this nonsurgical treatment helps patients of all ages and body types.
  • Body by Thermage®: This treatment is FDA approved to temporarily reduce cellulite. Most patients see results after one session, with continued improvement over 6 months. Using radiofrequency energy, this procedure restores connective tissue and increases collagen flexibility for smoother skin.

If you’re tired of trying store-bought creams, or simply want more information about your options for cellulite treatment, I recommend seeking the advice of an experienced surgeon.

Learning about Lip Augmentation

Monday, August 29th, 2011
lip augmentation beverly hills

From fashion editorials to box office movies, it’s becoming increasingly evident that full lips are in style. Women and men turn to my Santa Monica area plastic surgery practice in Marina del Rey to learn their options for enhancing their lips and reversing the effects of aging around the mouth.

Medical advances have made it easier than ever to achieve the full lips people see in popular culture, and one of the first options I often recommend for achieving this look is injectable lip augmentation. There are a number of injectable options that can provide temporary support for the border of a person’s lips. Filler options such as JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and fat transfer are a great option for people who want to restore volume and diminish the appearance of the vertical fine lines that often appear along the upper lip.

When people want a more permanent result, I often recommend a silastic lip implant. This popular solution helps people to restore their thin lips in a safe way, and can diminish the effects of aging around the lips.

Another option women and men have to achieve fuller lips is laser lip rejuvenation for wrinkled or minimized lipstick bleed lines. This simple treatment tightens and remodels the elastic tissue and collagen beneath the skin. The natural lip line is restored, and women and men often experience a youthful-looking lip shape.

The Advantages of Nose Surgery

Monday, July 11th, 2011
rhinoplasty beverly hills

At our Los Angeles plastic surgery practice we offer rhinoplasty procedures for women and men who are concerned with the shape and size of their noses in proportion to the rest of their faces. This cosmetic procedure can effectively change the way you feel about your facial appearance, and the way others perceive you.

Nose surgery is typically chosen as a way to reduce the shape and size of a person’s nose. Surgeons use a number of techniques to straighten the nose contour or change its overall appearance. A number of people will also use nose surgery to repair any damage they might have incurred during an accident.

When repairing damage and restoring the overall appearance of the nose, we usually try to improve the patient’s breathing as well. Rhinoplasty can restore healthy breathing through correcting problems such as a deviated septum.

Although nose surgery for purely cosmetic reasons is not covered by insurance, many people will receive insurance benefits for functional surgery that repairs problems related to breathing. Regardless of the reasoning behind choosing rhinoplasty, it is a great option for women and men who are unsatisfied with some aspect of their noses.

How to Select a Plastic Surgeon

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills

Choosing a plastic surgeon is not only a personal decision, but it can also determine the success of your surgery. As an experienced Los Angeles plastic surgeon, I’ve seen firsthand the difference it can make to choose a surgeon wisely. Here’s my list of do’s and don’ts in the search for the right plastic surgeon:

  • Ask for a reference from any friends or family members that have had plastic surgery procedures if you like their results.
  • Start looking online at plastic surgeons in your area. One of the first pages you should come across is the surgeon’s qualifications. See if the doctor is board-certified, and if he or she specializes in general procedures.
  • Most plastic surgeons will offer a one-on-one consultation for women and men to come in and discuss their surgical options. This is a great way to get a general feel for a practice, and a doctor’s ability to understand your needs.
  • Don’t come to a plastic surgeon’s office unprepared. The Internet is a great resource for gaining a general understanding of various procedures.
  • Generate a list of questions to ask doctors about their experience, areas of specialization, and qualifications.
  • Don’t choose the first doctor you visit. Set aside time to meet at least three doctors before you pick one.
  • Compare your potential surgeons, and choose one that you feel most comfortable with. You should always feel that you can trust your doctor to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.