Getting Your Body Back (and Better Than Ever) With a Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover addresses the physical effects of childbearing on a woman’s body, so mothers can look and feel great. Although there are certain procedures that are typically included in each makeover, the exact techniques are customized to the individual needs of the patient. Breast Enhancement One of the first components I evaluate for Mommy […]


What Is a Laser Bra?

One of the top questions among breast lift and breast reduction patients in Los Angeles and across the U.S. is, “How long will results last?” I developed The Stevens Laser-assisted Internal Fabrication Technique (LIFT), which utilizes The Stevens Laser Bra, to address this concern. During a breast enhancement procedure, I use a laser to preserve […]


Can You Freeze That Fat?

Not all fat is created equally, and some types of body fat are more stubborn than others. I perform CoolSculpting® in Los Angeles to freeze fat cells, but the location of stubborn fat varies by individual. So many patients ask, “Can you freeze that fat?” Each patient needs a personalized treatment plan depending on her […]


New Breast Reduction Options – With Lasers!

Why be stuck in the past with overly large breasts that can weigh you down, hurt your neck and back, and restrict you from the active life you want? With laser technology, our surgeons perform breast reduction at our Los Angeles practice in less time than required with tradition methods. Breast reduction has a very […]


Medical Tourism: The “Fly-In Patient” Protocol

International medical tourism has been gaining in popularity in recent years, but why not try domestic medical tourism? We’re located just minutes from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), and our team will work with you to give you a pleasant experience, letting you fly home beautiful! Step 1: The Consultation If you’re not planning on […]


No More Soaked Shirts With miraDry®

It’s normal to sweat when you’re exercising, nervous, or just plain hot. But some people sweat even when they’re calm and cool. This type of excessive sweating isn’t just an annoyance, it’s a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. And if you’ve got it, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world suffer from this uncomfortable […]


A Procedure So Cool, Even the Doctor is Getting It Done!

As cosmetic procedures become more popular, people tend to share their experiences. I enjoy speaking with people about treatments I’ve undergone, so right after my first CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® session in Los Angeles, I started sharing the experience. Like many plastic surgery patients, I’m generally satisfied with my physical appearance, but there are certain areas […]


The Perfect Time for Breast Lift

Many women feel higher self-esteem in their bras than out of them. This is often due to the modern bra’s ability to lift and add volume with a few simple hook-eye closures hidden by lace. Often, patients we see for a breast lift in Los Angeles have postponed surgery due to the bra’s ability to […]


Recognition for Commitment to Patient Education

Many of you may know about RealSelf, the groundbreaking website that allows patients and physicians to engage thoughtfully on the social Web without creating patient-doctor relationships. It’s a vital education resource used by many of my Los Angeles and Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients. That’s why I’m delighted to receive a RealSelf 100 Award, recognizing […]


Reporter Drops by for BOTOX® (and Not for Wrinkle Treatment)

The Institute at Marina Plastic Surgery attracted some unique media attention recently. Angela Matano, a reporter from Campus Circle (an alternative publication that caters to young adults and college students) dropped by our medical day spa in Marina del Rey, having heard we’re the place to go for BOTOX® in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t […]


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