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Learning about Lip Augmentation

Monday, August 29th, 2011
lip augmentation beverly hills

From fashion editorials to box office movies, it’s becoming increasingly evident that full lips are in style. Women and men turn to my Santa Monica area plastic surgery practice in Marina del Rey to learn their options for enhancing their lips and reversing the effects of aging around the mouth.

Medical advances have made it easier than ever to achieve the full lips people see in popular culture, and one of the first options I often recommend for achieving this look is injectable lip augmentation. There are a number of injectable options that can provide temporary support for the border of a person’s lips. Filler options such as JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and fat transfer are a great option for people who want to restore volume and diminish the appearance of the vertical fine lines that often appear along the upper lip.

When people want a more permanent result, I often recommend a silastic lip implant. This popular solution helps people to restore their thin lips in a safe way, and can diminish the effects of aging around the lips.

Another option women and men have to achieve fuller lips is laser lip rejuvenation for wrinkled or minimized lipstick bleed lines. This simple treatment tightens and remodels the elastic tissue and collagen beneath the skin. The natural lip line is restored, and women and men often experience a youthful-looking lip shape.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Basics

Thursday, August 25th, 2011
Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills

Some of the most common questions I encounter during a Los Angeles breast augmentation consultation revolve around the general recovery time. Depending on the extent of a person’s surgery, breast augmentation recovery is best understood in a series of stages:

Stage 1: The first 48 hours finds most women resting with little to no physical activity except walking around to maintain circulation in the legs. This helps women get used to their augmentation, and begin the healing process.

Stage 2: The first week following surgery typically includes minimized physical activity. Women should experience a significant improvement in their overall energy levels, and swelling will begin to subside.

Stage 3: After the first week of recovery, most women can begin to take on more of their usual activities, while making sure not to strain themselves. Soreness and swelling should begin to dissipate, and women will see the effects of their surgery.

Stage 4: Exercise and normal activity is highly dependent on the doctor’s direction, but many women find that they can return to their daily activities after 3 weeks of taking it easy.

Stage 5: After fully recovering, women can return to their normal schedules, including exercise, work and family life. Most women maintain total nipple sensation and are able to breastfeed after surgery.