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Why Women Love the Laser Bra

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
laser bra beverly hills

As a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey, I have consulted with many women who were bothered by large, sagging breasts. Fortunately, these women have benefited from my innovative approach to breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles. It’s called the Stevens Laser Bra.

I had seen the tightening and firming benefits that lasers can achieve during facelift surgery. So, I applied those principles to breast enhancement and have been performing laser-assisted breast enhancements since 1996. The results have been remarkable.

A Better Breast Enhancement

The Laser Bra technique is performed in conjunction with traditional breast enhancement procedures. Using laser technology to prepare breast tissue that might normally be removed during traditional breast reduction or breast lift surgery, I create an internal brassiere that shapes and supports the breast but can’t be seen or felt after healing. The results are long-lasting and appear youthful and natural.

The Stevens Laser Bra offers the following advantages:

  • Improved internal support
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Minimal swelling
  • Faster recovery for some women
  • Better shape retention for long-lasting results
  • No risk of rejection by the body

For more about the Stevens Laser Bra procedure and how you can achieve the confidence that comes with enhanced breast shape, visit

Understanding Anesthesia Options

Thursday, April 14th, 2011
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Insider

Anesthesia options depend on which procedure you are considering, your age, and your health. At my practice, we offer different types, including:

  • General anesthesia- Under this type of anesthesia, the patient is unconscious. The anesthesia is provided either by a mask, through intravenous line hooked up to the arm or hand, or through a breathing tube. At my practice, we use general anesthesia for breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles.
  • Regional anesthesia- The patient receives a shot of local anesthesia to the nerves of the specific area to be treated. This type of anesthesia is used when large areas of the body need numbing, such as the leg or arm.
  • Local anesthesia- Local anesthesia numbs a small area of skin where an incision will be made. This type of anesthesia can be administered as a shot or applied as an ointment spray. When applied to the skin, it is often called a topical anesthetic and is used for smaller outpatient procedures.
  • Twilight anesthesia- Also known as conscious sedation, this anesthesia uses sedatives to lower your awareness without the completely unconscious state achieved with general anesthesia. Regional anesthetics are sometimes combined with twilight.

As noted, the type of anesthetic used depends on which procedure is performed as well as other factors, such as your health. Your surgeon will determine which type of anesthesia is right for you.