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Cellulite Treatment From the Inside With Cellulaze™

Monday, December 17th, 2012
cellulaze beverly hills

If you’re looking for cellulite treatment in Los Angeles, it’s about time you gave Cellulaze a try. This cellulite treatment has a proven success rate. In one study, in fact, 93% of Cellulaze patients said they were still satisfied with their results after a year.

Cellulite isn’t caused by fat alone; it’s a persistent issue that may be deeply rooted in your genes. With Cellulaze, however, we can restore smooth, elastic skin where you once saw cellulite’s “cottage cheese” effect.

Addressing Cellulite at its Roots

Although overfilled fat cells are partly to blame for the visual evidence of cellulite, these cells aren’t the only culprits. Tightening bands of connective tissue around those fat cells contribute to the dimpled appearance we all dread. Factors such as hormonal changes, heredity and weight loss can cause this tissue to become rigid as the fat cells swell. As a result, the fat cells are pushed outward. Voilà – cellulite!

Attacking cellulite effectively means going at it from both fronts – the connective tissue and the fat cells. When I perform Cellulaze treatments, I use a specially designed laser to smooth out the bumpy fat cells, release the underlying fibrous bands, and heat the undersurface of the skin to promote collagen formation.

The laser energy also promotes the production of collagen, which adds elasticity and thickness to your skin to keep it smooth and healthy. Results are long lasting, and many patients see extraordinary gains in skin strength and pliability at the treatment site.

I look forward to making Cellulaze work for you as it has worked for many of my other patients.