Nagged by Neck Fat? Discover a Surprising Solution

January 18, 2012
facial contouring beverly hills

At my Los Angeles plastic surgery practice, men and women concerned with fat around the neck, cheeks and chin often ask for my advice about how to contour those areas. They’ve usually tried dieting to no avail, and some worry that it will take a full facelift and neck lift to achieve their goals. What they’re delighted to discover is that, in many cases, I can use facial liposuction to gently remove fat deposits. The result is a beautifully sculpted face and neck.

Using liposuction for facial contouring rather than body contouring requires special skills. I make an extremely tiny incision in an inconspicuous area on the face or neck. Through the incision, I insert a slim tube called a cannula. Then, I extract fat cells from the targeted areas by using a suction pump or syringe.

Because it permanently removes fat cells, the benefits of facial liposuction are long-lasting. Your face and neck will look youthfully firm, and those unattractive bulges and sags from excess fat will be gone. Particularly if your skin has good elasticity, this procedure alone may succeed in meeting your cosmetic goals.