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Mommy Makeover Patients Say “Don’t Put It Off”

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
mommy makeover beverly hills

I get a lot of positive feedback from my Mommy Makeover patients, who are typically among the most satisfied of all the patients I see for cosmetic plastic surgery. One comment that I consistently hear is, “I wish I had done it sooner.” I think these words are worth sharing with women thinking about a Mommy Makeover who might be putting it off.

It is easy to put your own wants and needs on hold when you are focused on meeting the needs of your family. This is something I hear a lot from my Mommy Makeover patients. And since the Mommy Makeover usually involves a tummy tuck, a breast procedure such as a breast lift, and often liposuction, it can be a little daunting to think about taking time out of your busy schedule to recover from plastic surgery. Some moms have told me that they felt “selfish” focusing on their appearance, and dedicating a few weeks of recovery time to healing. But after undergoing Mommy Makeover surgery, their perspectives typically change.

Many of these mothers report feeling better about themselves than they have in ages – even better than they had thought possible. It is not uncommon for Mommy Makeover patients to use words like “energized,” “rejuvenated,” or “ecstatic” to describe their experience. A common sentiment among these patients is that they feel younger, more confident, and generally have a more positive outlook after their Mommy Makeover. Some feel that they are ultimately able to give more to their families after giving this gift to themselves.

So if you are considering a Mommy Makeover, consider the words of those who have been where you are. There may be no time like the present to get back your body and start getting more out of life.

Breast Augmentation Size – A Highly Personal Choice

Friday, June 25th, 2010
breast augmentation beverly hills

Across the country, many people think that in Los Angeles, breast enhancement means “super-size me,” and for some women, this is true. However, I see many patients who only want a subtle change in their breast size, and they will come to their consultation wondering if a more “subtle” augmentation is possible. My answer: definitely. I perform breast enlargement for women of all shapes and sizes, and sometimes it’s the smallest changes that produce the biggest benefits for my patients.

If you are a petite or very slender woman, you may not feel comfortable with large breasts. I see patients almost weekly who have very small breasts and only want a little cleavage, or would like to fill out a bathing suit just a bit more. Sometimes these women have been considering breast enhancement for a long time, but weren’t aware that small breast implants are available in Los Angeles. Others have consulted with plastic surgeons who have tried to convince them that there is no point in having breast augmentation without going significantly larger. In my opinion, a good plastic surgeon approaches each breast augmentation as a unique procedure, customized to meet each individual’s expectations.

My goal is to make each patient as happy with her surgical outcome as possible, so I listen closely and discuss all of her options. If it is clear that the patient wants only a subtle enhancement, I work with her to choose the size, shape, and profile of implant that will best achieve her goals. Breast enhancement is about improving the way a woman feels about herself, and that means achieving her personal ideal, not someone else’s.

Liposuction – More Than Just Fat Removal

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010
liposuction beverly hills

Liposuction has become one of the country’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, because when performed properly by a skilled surgeon, it is quick, safe, and it works. With the tremendous growth in the demand for this procedure, it seems like doctors everywhere are offering liposuction. In Los Angeles, it is not uncommon for dermatologists, gynecologists and general practitioners to offer liposuction procedures. Although liposuction may seem simple, it isn’t, and you should trust only a board-certified-plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.

Liposuction involves so much more than fat removal. My Los Angeles liposuction patients come to me for body sculpting, not just fat removal. What’s the difference?

  • Fat Removal is just about extracting fat from the body. On its own, it does not require an artistic eye or a technique that minimizes bruising, swelling, or scarring.
  • Body Contouring requires a combination of knowledge, technical skill and artistic vision to sculpt targeted areas of the body. These come only through extensive education, training, and experience dedicated to liposuction – not a weekend course.

Other considerations involved with liposuction include evaluation of skin tone, the patient’s weight, advanced sculpting techniques, treating smaller or more difficult areas, and above all else, patient safety. All of these factors are additional reasons why it matters a great deal who is performing the liposuction procedure.

There are also numerous types of liposuction available, and it important that your doctor understands the best type of liposuction for your particular needs. I teach liposuction courses to other surgeons, and cannot emphasize enough that the combination of a skilled, knowledgeable surgeon with the right contouring technique for your cosmetic goals is essential for a pleasing outcome.