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On Facebook, It’s Personal

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
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I’m all about communication, especially when it comes to my Los Angeles plastic surgery patients. Keeping lines of communication open helps them (by feeling informed and prepared for surgery) and me (by understanding their goals so that I can achieve optimal results). I like to know what procedures my patients are looking for, what my practice is doing well, and what we can do better. Imagine my excitement when I found a way to accomplish all this, and have some fun at the same time. That’s exactly why Marina Plastic Surgery Associates is on Facebook.

Sure, Facebook may seem like old news to those of you (probably most of you) who have had a personal account for a few years. But creating a business Fan Page for our plastic surgery practice is new and exciting. We established our Fan Page in November and now, only 6 months later, we already have over 1,300 Fans.

The reason for this success? I think we have so many Fans and get such great feedback about our Page because on Facebook, it’s personal. It’s like a conversation, not a one-sided resource like a Web site (although we’ve got loads of helpful information there, too). Our Wall is a lively place patients can go for support, education, and amusement. In addition to developing personal relationships with our Fans, we use our Facebook Page to:

  • Offer Fan-only specials. We created Tabs with information that only our Fans can see, so they get exclusive access to these offers.
  • Educate patients and the public about plastic surgery – procedures, news, trends, and more.
  • Share details about our practice, including information about me, media coverage, and the treatments we offer.
  • Allow patients to interact with each other directly, to provide support and advice.

We’re constantly adding new content to our Page, so our Fans (who come from all over the country) visit us regularly to stay up-to-date. You can visit our Facebook Page to become a Fan and get immediate access to exclusive specials and fun, useful content.