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What’s the No. 1 Procedure in America?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
breast implants beverly hills

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the most popular procedure in the U.S. is breast augmentation. My Los Angeles practice regularly receives inquiries from women eager to learn more about the procedure and how it might help them achieve the figures they desire.

Here’s the inside story:

  • The ASPS reports that in 2011, more than 300,000 breast augmentation procedures were performed, up 4% from the previous year.
  • For women with small breasts, going from a size 32A, for example, to a 34C can dramatically improve their appearance and self-esteem.
  • Significant weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding can lead to sagging breasts that have a “deflated” look. By choosing breast enhancement surgery, women with these issues can restore their breasts, giving them a more youthful appearance.
  • Where appropriate, I can combine breast augmentation with another procedure. For example, a popular combination is a breast lift with augmentation. This combined surgery can elevate the breasts while adding volume, resulting in beautifully shaped and well-positioned breasts. For women who have lost significant weight and have sagging tummy skin, a tummy tuck combined with breast augmentation can be the ideal way to achieve the smooth silhouettes they desire.
  • The Huffington Post recently published an article about gummy bear breast implants, the “new wave of silicone breast augmentations.”

Long-Lasting Breast Support

Monday, May 7th, 2012
laser bra beverly hills

For years women have been turning to me for the most advanced breast enhancement procedures in Los Angeles. Breast reduction and breast augmentation provide great solutions for women who are concerned with the appearance of their breasts, but many patients want a way to extend the results of their surgeries.

To meet this growing need, I developed the Stevens Laser Bra. This uses laser power to tighten skin and breast tissue for a more youthful appearance. Patients often find that this creates better and longer-lasting results when combined with a breast enhancement procedure.

During surgery, the excess skin that is normally discarded in a breast lift is treated with a laser and attached to the patient’s chest wall, supporting the breast and delivering beautiful, long-lasting shape and position. This allows the surgeon to create a tighter, more youthful appearance.

One of the benefits of combining the Stevens Laser Bra with breast augmentation or breast reduction is that both procedures are performed at the same time. If you think that a Stevens Laser Bra could help you meet your cosmetic goals, I recommend speaking to a surgeon who is trained in this procedure.

Do Your Implants Have a Shelf Life?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
breast implants beverly hills

If you live in Los Angeles and had breast augmentation several years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your breast implants. If there are no physical complications and you are happy with your current size and appearance, then most surgeons will advise you to keep your current implants. The old rule of thumb that implants should be replaced every 10 years refers only to the manufacturer’s warranty. There’s really no need to undergo another surgery unless 1 of 3 things occurs:

  • You want to change the implant size or style
  • Your implants rupture or deflate
  • You experience problems with the implants or a complication such as capsular contracture

While many women don’t experience any problems with their implants, it’s still important to realize that they are not meant to be permanent devices. The life span of breast implants varies greatly from person to person. Some people have implants for many years without a problem, while others may need revision surgery within a few years. Selecting a qualified breast augmentation surgeon can reduce your risk of complications and future surgeries.

What Do We Mean by the ‘Perfect’ Breast?

Friday, February 3rd, 2012
breast augmentation beverly hills

When women ask about breast augmentation in Los Angeles, we always ask a key question: “What is your vision of yourself after surgery?” Because every woman has her own definition of “the perfect breast,” the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery believe it’s important to listen carefully to each woman’s goal and personalize the procedure to achieve that goal.

For some women, enhancing their breasts so that they wear a B-cup bra may achieve their goal. Other women may want a more dramatic enhancement, resulting in a looks that is significantly more voluptuous. And, it’s not just size that constitutes the perfect breast. Shape is also important.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, my goal is to understand what each patient wants, discuss her desired outcome, and work with her to provide exquisite results. There are a multitude of considerations that go into creating the perfect breast, and I guide each patient through those decisions for an optimal outcome.

What is Liposuction Breast Reduction?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011
liposuction beverly hills

Women who have overly large breasts often find that everyday activities can be uncomfortable, or even painful. Often, these women turn to breast reduction in Los Angeles to remove excess skin, fat and tissue for an enhanced appearance and a more comfortable lifestyle.

Patients interested in a breast reduction have many options for personalizing this procedure. Understanding these options can help achieve beautifully shaped breasts.

Liposuction is a simple yet effective breast-reduction technique for women who don’t need a lift but desire the physical benefits a reduction can provide. Since this procedure is not as extensive, many patients are able to return to work and other activities sooner.

I perform liposuction breast reduction starting with a 5 millimeter incision under each breast. This scar is minimal, and most patients are able to hide it easily. From here, I use a thin tube called a cannula to remove enough fat to provide the desired reduction while making sure not to compromise the breast shape. Partial results are immediate, but I advise patients to wait several months for swelling to disappear completely.

Liposuction breast reduction can also be performed in conjunction with more traditional techniques, and I recommend speaking with an experienced surgeon to discover how this treatment can be customized to meet your needs.

3 Myths About Breast Lift Surgery Debunked

Friday, December 23rd, 2011
Breast Lift Beverly Hills

It’s surprising that despite the effectiveness of beast lift in Los Angeles, there are so many myths associated with this treatment. It’s important that people have access to facts regarding potential procedures so they can make informed decisions.

Breast lifts help women counteract the effects of gravity, aging, weight fluctuation and pregnancy on their breasts. All of these factors can cause skin laxity, resulting in sagging breasts. Here are the facts behind three common myths that all women considering breast lift surgery should know:

Myth: You have to get breast implants when you have a breast lift.

Fact: Breast lifts are for women who desire an enhanced breast shape. Not only are breast implants not required as part of a breast lift, but women commonly opt not to augment the size of their breasts. Breast lifts can help you achieve a more youthful shape through the removal of excess skin, tissue and fat, but some patients opt to combine this procedure with breast augmentation, which does require implants.

Myth: A breast lift involves a lengthy recovery period.

Fact: Thanks to advances in techniques, recovery time for breast lift surgery is short. The amount of time will depend on the extent of your surgery, and this is best discussed with your surgeon during a pre-surgery consultation. I use gentle techniques to minimize trauma during surgery, so patients are able to get back to their regular routines relatively soon.

Myth: Breast lift produces noticeable scarring.

Fact: Patients who do not require an extensive procedure can opt for an incision around the areola, which is hardly visible following healing. Surgeons can also use incisions that are easily hidden by most bikini tops.

Common Breast Augmentation Concerns

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
breast augmentation beverly hills

Although women in Los Angeles find breast augmentation to be a highly effective procedure, there are usually some questions stemming from rumors they’ve heard from friends or things they’ve read on the Internet. Here are some common breast augmentation concerns I’ve encountered, followed by the facts about this popular procedure:

Concern: Following breast augmentation, it is difficult or impossible to breastfeed or to maintain nipple sensation.

Fact: Although there is a slight chance that you may lose nipple sensation or will be unable to breastfeed, most of my patients experience no complications following surgery. Choosing an experienced and well-trained surgeon is a good way to minimize risks associated with procedures. Also, many patients who lose nipple sensation after breast augmentation find that it returns after a time.

Concern: Breast implants are dangerous and cause negative health consequences.

Fact: There are a number of breast implant options that can increase the safety of this procedure. Saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution that is naturally absorbed by the body should a leak occur. Silicone implant technology has greatly improved, and the cohesive gel used in today’s implants does not leak or migrate in the case of rupture. Additionally, having regular check-ups can help you maintain your implants and your overall health.

Concern: What is capsular contracture, and how can it affect my surgery?

Fact: Capsular contracture refers to the accumulation of hardened scar tissue around implants. I take great precautions in reducing the chance for this and other complications, and I work diligently to minimize negative influences on your surgery or recovery. Less than 3% of our patients have a capsular contracture.

These are just a few of the concerns women have regarding breast augmentation. I recommend speaking to a qualified surgeon to discuss your specific questions. Typically, choosing a well-trained and experienced surgeon can minimize your chance of risk and improve your surgical experience and outcome.

Leaning Toward Laser Breast Reduction?

Thursday, December 1st, 2011
breast reduction beverly hills

Breast reduction can be an extremely effective procedure to help women relieve a burden that is often both physically and emotionally painful. Recently, more women are turning to laser assisted breast reduction in Los Angeles because of advances that make results better and surgery shorter.

When I work with lasers, I find my results are more precise than when I work with more traditional methods. This precision enables me to complete the procedure more quickly while minimizing the amount of bleeding. I am able to cut down on the overall surgery time, which means the patient spends less time under anesthesia.

I developed a special Laser Bra procedure to help women achieve a more natural breast appearance and additional support following breast enhancement surgery. This procedure uses your own breast tissue to create internal support for your breasts, and it is a natural internal bra.

When combined with a breast reduction, a Laser Bra can help counteract the effects of gravity and greatly reduces sagging. After removing excess fat, skin and tissue, I use the Laser Bra to create an elegant appearance. The laser helps prepare and treat the tissue, which I then suture to the chest wall.

If you’ve experienced physical pain or are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts and feel that a breast reduction could help you, I highly recommend speaking to a qualified plastic surgeon. Laser technology has helped advance many cosmetic procedures, so achieving your ideal body could be easier than you think.

Teen Breast Reduction

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011
breast reduction beverly hills

Patients often come to my practice for not only an aesthetic enhancement: many of them also want to alleviate physical pain. For example, women with overly large breasts may experience pain in their necks and shoulders, which often can be relieved by breast reduction in Los Angeles. For young women, particularly teenagers, however, it’s important to make sure it’s the right choice for them.

Here’s my advice for teens considering breast reduction surgery:

  • Talk with your parents honestly about your reasoning behind wanting surgery. That will help them understand your motivations. For example, sometimes girls feel limited by their exercise options, and vigorous activities such as jogging may be painful or embarrassing for them due to their breast size.
  • Think about your future and how your surgery might affect your body.
  • Ask your parents for help in choosing an experienced board-certified surgeon in your area that can assist you in getting the information you need. That professional can help you determine if the procedure is right for you, as well as evaluate whether your breasts have fully developed.
  • After speaking with a qualified surgeon, make a decision with your family that you feel confident about.

By following these steps, you can make sure that breast reduction is right for you.

Answering the Question: “Are They Real?”

Friday, November 18th, 2011
breast implants beverly hills

Many of my Los Angeles breast augmentation patients are not sure how to respond when someone asks if their enhanced figure results from surgery. As a plastic surgeon, I believe that there is no “correct” response. The answer depends on the individual’s level of comfort with this personal question.

As plastic surgery becomes more popular, society tends to accept it more. However, the perception of plastic surgery may be different in larger cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, as opposed to other areas of the nation.

Through my experiences of treating patients from a wide range of backgrounds, I have come to understand that no two people have identical experiences with plastic surgery. While some patients feel comfortable expressing how happy they are with their enhancement, others may see it as a more personal experience.

So if you find yourself questioning whether you should share the details of your breast augmentation, I recommend that you answer according to your own comfort level. There are no rules when it comes to telling others about your surgery.