Teen Breast Reduction

November 23, 2011
breast reduction beverly hills

Patients often come to my practice for not only an aesthetic enhancement: many of them also want to alleviate physical pain. For example, women with overly large breasts may experience pain in their necks and shoulders, which often can be relieved by breast reduction in Los Angeles. For young women, particularly teenagers, however, it’s important to make sure it’s the right choice for them.

Here’s my advice for teens considering breast reduction surgery:

  • Talk with your parents honestly about your reasoning behind wanting surgery. That will help them understand your motivations. For example, sometimes girls feel limited by their exercise options, and vigorous activities such as jogging may be painful or embarrassing for them due to their breast size.
  • Think about your future and how your surgery might affect your body.
  • Ask your parents for help in choosing an experienced board-certified surgeon in your area that can assist you in getting the information you need. That professional can help you determine if the procedure is right for you, as well as evaluate whether your breasts have fully developed.
  • After speaking with a qualified surgeon, make a decision with your family that you feel confident about.

By following these steps, you can make sure that breast reduction is right for you.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Dr. Grant Stevens

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