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Virtual Breast Augmentation

Friday, August 17th, 2012

If you wonder how breast implants might change the look of your body, you can get a sneak preview at my plastic surgery practice in Marina del Rey. Los Angeles breast augmentation candidates get an idea of how their breasts will appear after surgery when Dr. Michelle Spring and I use the VECTRA® 3-D imaging system to illustrate the effects of breast enhancement.

The system uses photos of your body to create a “virtual you,” which can be manipulated to reflect your cosmetic preferences. VECTRA allows you to see multiple views of your body with various implant sizes and shapes in order to help you decide which look you like best.

virtual breast augmentation

With VECTRA 3-D imaging, you’ll be able to “try on” different breast implants before surgery.

Why I Prefer VECTRA

Dr. Spring and I have found VECTRA to be extremely useful during the consultation process prior to breast augmentation surgery. Unlike breast implant sizers, which are inserted in a bra, VECTRA allows my patients to see how their new breasts will look on their own body from all angles. With this new technology, I am better able to:

  • Establish realistic expectations
  • Aid decision-making about breast implant size and style
  • Reduce anxiety about the results of surgery
  • Facilitate better communication about my patients’ goals

In addition, VECTRA can be used for patients who are interested in tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift and other plastic surgery procedures. It can also give an idea of what to expect after nonsurgical treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic or dermal filler injections.

Do Your Implants Have a Shelf Life?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
breast implants beverly hills

If you live in Los Angeles and had breast augmentation several years ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to change your breast implants. If there are no physical complications and you are happy with your current size and appearance, then most surgeons will advise you to keep your current implants. The old rule of thumb that implants should be replaced every 10 years refers only to the manufacturer’s warranty. There’s really no need to undergo another surgery unless 1 of 3 things occurs:

  • You want to change the implant size or style
  • Your implants rupture or deflate
  • You experience problems with the implants or a complication such as capsular contracture

While many women don’t experience any problems with their implants, it’s still important to realize that they are not meant to be permanent devices. The life span of breast implants varies greatly from person to person. Some people have implants for many years without a problem, while others may need revision surgery within a few years. Selecting a qualified breast augmentation surgeon can reduce your risk of complications and future surgeries.

Common Breast Augmentation Concerns

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
breast augmentation beverly hills

Although women in Los Angeles find breast augmentation to be a highly effective procedure, there are usually some questions stemming from rumors they’ve heard from friends or things they’ve read on the Internet. Here are some common breast augmentation concerns I’ve encountered, followed by the facts about this popular procedure:

Concern: Following breast augmentation, it is difficult or impossible to breastfeed or to maintain nipple sensation.

Fact: Although there is a slight chance that you may lose nipple sensation or will be unable to breastfeed, most of my patients experience no complications following surgery. Choosing an experienced and well-trained surgeon is a good way to minimize risks associated with procedures. Also, many patients who lose nipple sensation after breast augmentation find that it returns after a time.

Concern: Breast implants are dangerous and cause negative health consequences.

Fact: There are a number of breast implant options that can increase the safety of this procedure. Saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution that is naturally absorbed by the body should a leak occur. Silicone implant technology has greatly improved, and the cohesive gel used in today’s implants does not leak or migrate in the case of rupture. Additionally, having regular check-ups can help you maintain your implants and your overall health.

Concern: What is capsular contracture, and how can it affect my surgery?

Fact: Capsular contracture refers to the accumulation of hardened scar tissue around implants. I take great precautions in reducing the chance for this and other complications, and I work diligently to minimize negative influences on your surgery or recovery. Less than 3% of our patients have a capsular contracture.

These are just a few of the concerns women have regarding breast augmentation. I recommend speaking to a qualified surgeon to discuss your specific questions. Typically, choosing a well-trained and experienced surgeon can minimize your chance of risk and improve your surgical experience and outcome.

Answering the Question: “Are They Real?”

Friday, November 18th, 2011
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Many of my Los Angeles breast augmentation patients are not sure how to respond when someone asks if their enhanced figure results from surgery. As a plastic surgeon, I believe that there is no “correct” response. The answer depends on the individual’s level of comfort with this personal question.

As plastic surgery becomes more popular, society tends to accept it more. However, the perception of plastic surgery may be different in larger cities, such as Los Angeles and New York, as opposed to other areas of the nation.

Through my experiences of treating patients from a wide range of backgrounds, I have come to understand that no two people have identical experiences with plastic surgery. While some patients feel comfortable expressing how happy they are with their enhancement, others may see it as a more personal experience.

So if you find yourself questioning whether you should share the details of your breast augmentation, I recommend that you answer according to your own comfort level. There are no rules when it comes to telling others about your surgery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Basics

Thursday, August 25th, 2011
Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills

Some of the most common questions I encounter during a Los Angeles breast augmentation consultation revolve around the general recovery time. Depending on the extent of a person’s surgery, breast augmentation recovery is best understood in a series of stages:

Stage 1: The first 48 hours finds most women resting with little to no physical activity except walking around to maintain circulation in the legs. This helps women get used to their augmentation, and begin the healing process.

Stage 2: The first week following surgery typically includes minimized physical activity. Women should experience a significant improvement in their overall energy levels, and swelling will begin to subside.

Stage 3: After the first week of recovery, most women can begin to take on more of their usual activities, while making sure not to strain themselves. Soreness and swelling should begin to dissipate, and women will see the effects of their surgery.

Stage 4: Exercise and normal activity is highly dependent on the doctor’s direction, but many women find that they can return to their daily activities after 3 weeks of taking it easy.

Stage 5: After fully recovering, women can return to their normal schedules, including exercise, work and family life. Most women maintain total nipple sensation and are able to breastfeed after surgery.

Natural Is In, “Fake” Is Out

Monday, July 19th, 2010
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I recently appeared on The Today Show to provide commentary for a segment on the trend toward natural-looking plastic surgery in Hollywood. It’s still very common for celebrities to turn to plastic surgery to enhance their look, but moderation is in and the emphasis is on surgical results that look natural and believable. Fake, overdone breasts and lips, for example, are on their way out.

I’ve seen a similar trend among my patients in Los Angeles. With breast augmentation, for example, the majority of my patients tell me that they want to increase their breast size, but they don’t want to be overly large. The stereotype about breast augmentation patients wanting huge breasts is definitely not the reality – most of my augmentation patients simply want to look proportionate, not unnatural. “Boob jobs” are out – breast enhancement is in.

Facial rejuvenation is another area where I’m seeing a lot of emphasis on natural-looking results. It can be very obvious when a person has had too much facial plastic surgery and one of the comments I hear consistently from my patients is that they don’t want to look like they’ve “had work done.” Men and women want to correct sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but they don’t want their faces to look too tight or lose the ability to make natural facial expressions.

Plastic surgery is about enhancing your appearance so you look like the best version of yourself, not a completely different person. I work with each of my Los Angeles breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, and body contouring patients to choose the procedure and technique that will deliver results that are dramatic, but still natural-looking. Hollywood is on the right track – natural is beautiful.