Reporter Drops by for BOTOX® (and Not for Wrinkle Treatment)

April 16, 2013
Botox Beverly Hills

The Institute at Marina Plastic Surgery attracted some unique media attention recently. Angela Matano, a reporter from Campus Circle (an alternative publication that caters to young adults and college students) dropped by our medical day spa in Marina del Rey, having heard we’re the place to go for BOTOX® in Los Angeles. But it wasn’t wrinkles she was looking to treat; she was searching for migraine relief.

After trying myriad treatments, ranging from pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine to LASIK, nothing worked to cure her migraines. She eventually learned that BOTOX was more than a fountain of youth in a syringe – that it is also used for reducing or eliminating the symptoms of severe headache and migraine. Although skeptical, she went ahead with treatment.

What was her conclusion after receiving BOTOX? Well, here’s what she said in her article:

I have to admit, I’m enjoying the sensation of a relaxed brow. It sort of feels like the relief you might have post-massage when your muscles have finally let go of their accumulated tension.

I haven’t had a major headache in two weeks and am sleeping much better. So far, the upsides are far outweighing the risk. So much so, I’m considering LATISSE® to thicken and lengthen my eyelashes . . . .