FDA Approves Migraine Treatment with BOTOX®

December 11, 2010
botox beverly hills

BOTOX® in Los Angeles is undeniably known for its effectiveness in treating wrinkles and fine lines, but BOTOX in fact has many medical uses and is now adding one more. The FDA has approved BOTOX to treat chronic migraines. It is reported that 36 million people in the country suffer from these migraines, and of this group, 20 percent suffer from chronic migraines. A chronic migraine is described as lasting 4 or more hours, for 15 or more days out of the month.

To treat the migraines, BOTOX is injected into the upper portion of the face. While BOTOX is injected into the same general region as its primary cosmetic use, specific points of injection will differ for migraine treatment. BOTOX is believed to provide migraine relief by relaxing muscles causing spasms in the forehead as well as potentially blocking the transmission of pain from nerve receptors. It needs to be injected every 3 to 4 months to treat migraines.

This treatment could help decrease the severity and amount of migraines people experience, and I’m excited to see that new uses for this very popular pharmaceutical continue to be found.

What do you think about using BOTOX to treat migraines? Will it replace medication or even migraine surgery in the years to come?