What’s So Great About NeoGraft® Hair Transplants?

January 21, 2013
neograft beverly hills

If you’ve been thinking about hair restoration lately, you’ve likely heard a lot about the NeoGraft hair transplant. My Los Angeles practice now offers this high-tech transplantation method. So what are the advantages of NeoGraft? There are many, including:

  • It implants natural hair from your own head: NeoGraft is a follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique that harvests individual follicles from the back of your head. Hairs in this area are genetically coded to stay alive and growing in their follicles. So it’s like replacing the hairs you’re losing with better, stronger versions of themselves.
  • It requires no incisions, stitches or linear scars: Like other FUE methods, NeoGraft allows me to restore your hair one follicle at a time. Because I don’t use a scalpel at all, you won’t get that noticeable linear scar often left after “strip” transplants. Bleeding is minimal to nonexistent, and the tiny areas where the hair is harvested for the procedure will heal to a point that they are virtually unnoticeable.
  • It’s faster and more effective: This automated transplant system allows me to perform transplants quickly, efficiently and uniformly. You spend less time on the table, which means less cost for you. Because NeoGraft harvests your follicles with pneumatic pressure (suction), I don’t have to touch them with a forceps. This so-called “no touch” method translates to healthier, undamaged follicles.

I look forward to answering any further questions you might have about NeoGraft, as well as hair transplants in general.