The Perfect Time for Breast Lift

June 5, 2013
Breast Lift Beverly Hills

Many women feel higher self-esteem in their bras than out of them. This is often due to the modern bra’s ability to lift and add volume with a few simple hook-eye closures hidden by lace. Often, patients we see for a breast lift in Los Angeles have postponed surgery due to the bra’s ability to hide their need for lifts. But after the procedure, we hear a lot of them saying they wish they hadn’t waited so long to get their bodies back.

Following pregnancy, women commonly find that their breasts lack the youthful appearance they had prior to giving birth. Although this may be bothersome, patients often delay surgery because they are afraid the sagging appearance will return with age. A breast lift, though, can be a long-lasting way to bounce back from pregnancy, and delaying the procedure may postpone the emotional benefits cosmetic surgery can provide.

I created The Stevens Laser Bra, which provides additional support with an internal structure made with a patient’s own tissue. This is the ideal option for women who want a lasting solution to sagging breasts. With this innovative technique, women can choose to have surgery earlier in life.