New Breast Reduction Options – With Lasers!

August 7, 2013
laser bra beverly hills

Why be stuck in the past with overly large breasts that can weigh you down, hurt your neck and back, and restrict you from the active life you want? With laser technology, our surgeons perform breast reduction at our Los Angeles practice in less time than required with tradition methods.

Breast reduction has a very high patient satisfaction rating, and now there are new ways to resize and reshape the breasts for beautiful, long-lasting results. I use laser technology to increase the level of precision I can reach during surgery, which means less bleeding and time spent under anesthesia for our patients. Lasers also help make patients’ skin stronger and tighter, which extends the duration of results.

One of the most exciting innovations in breast reduction is The Stevens Laser Bra, which I developed and which creates an internal support system using a patient’s own breast tissue. During the procedure, a CO2 laser prepares the tissue, which is then attached from the base of the breast to the upper chest wall. The Laser Bra can’t be felt through the skin, but patients can enjoy the benefits for many years.