Gummy Bears: Should You Switch?

November 7, 2012
breast implants beverly hills

Now that the new form-stable silicone gel breast implants are available for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills, many women are wondering if they should switch out their implants.

The new implants are technically called high-strength, cohesive, form-stable or form-retention implants, but I coined the nickname “gummy bear” implants because of their consistency. Like gummy bears, they can be squeezed, pulled and even cut, and they will retain their form. Soft and pliable, yet strong and durable, these gummy bear implants eliminate any risk of leakage. They are a great addition to the other breast implant options we offer.

Should they stay or should they go?

So, should you replace your current implants with the new gummy bears? It depends. The good news is that unless a complication presents itself, you don’t have to replace your current implants. If your implants are not causing any problems, you may want to leave them be. However, if you are not satisfied with the size, shape or feel of your current implants, replacing them with gummy bears may be something to consider.

If you are interested in learning more about gummy bears, you can get more information at my gummy bear implant website.