RADIESSE® May Turn Back the Hands of Time

November 2, 2010
radiesse beverly hills

Besides the face, our hands are one of the first places to show signs of aging. Even people with beautiful facial skin and youthful body contours can still give away their age by the appearance of their hands. With age spots, sun damage, wrinkles and veins, our hands and fingers eventually show wear and tear. Now with different Los Angeles skin care treatments, patients can enjoy younger looking hands with the use of wrinkle fillers such as RADIESSE®.

Plump up the Volume

A major reason why the hands appear aged is because skin loses elasticity and volume, exposing veins, tendons and joints. RADIESSE is injected below the skin to replenish volume. Not only does RADISSE work to plump the skin for a rejuvenated appearance, it also works to stimulate collagen growth for a naturally enhanced fullness. Through the use of this particular wrinkle filler, results are seen right after treatment.

The great part about RADIESSE for hand rejuvenation is that it gives the hands a soft, natural look and feel. Many patients at my practice have been very pleased with their RADIESSE treatment for aging hands, and have also considered the treatment for their facial rejuvenation.


Dr. Grant Stevens

Dr. Grant Stevens

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